Sea Change: Youth Climate Initiative 

Sea Change: Youth and Climate Consciousness

Riding the wave of enthusiasm initiated in 2019 by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, My Philanthropies has established Sea Change, a program to help young people learn about the facts of climate change in an accessible way, and get them to think critically – via creativity – about solutions. By presenting tangible projects in a fun and rewarding way, we hope to cultivate an awareness in participants which encourages lifestyle changes that begin to heal our planet. It is our ultimate goal that participants begin to think holistically about their life choices in ways that are healthy both for their own wellbeing and for that of the earth; by living in this way and having the tools to speak about their motives, a positive ripple effect can be created in their own generation, as well as in those above and below them.

Pilot Program
My Philanthropies is working with the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach (also a 501c3) on a series of environmentally-directed art competitions, the first being “Loving our Oceans.” Participants will be presented with information on the current challenges facing our oceans (with emphasis on the Pacific, as the Boys & Girls Club is about a mile from Laguna Beach in Southern California), and an overview of the topic of climate change.

Participants may express their views via any art form they choose, including painting, drawing, writing, filmmaking, sculpture, live action, or music. Judging will be done by three local professionals (unaffiliated with either organization) from the arts and environmental sciences.

The project will be announced and “kicked off” on 31 January 2020, and participants will work on their projects until the deadline of “Earth Day” on 22 April 2020.

Long-term vision

Once the pilot program at Boys & Girls Club is completed, My Philanthropies hopes to use it as a template for replication at various schools and clubs, such as the Scouts, Montessori pre- schools, and local elementary, middle, and high schools.
Potential focus of future projects:

1) Food supply shortage, learning the value of food and how it grows
2) Extinction of animal species, and what we might do to save them
3) Air quality and fossil fuel emissions, alternative transportation solutions
4) How climate change is affecting other countries, and how we can help
5) Drastic weather effects, what they cause and how to prepare for them/mitigate causes

The scope of this project is far-reaching, and its potential is limitless. There is really only one issue at hand in 2020, and that is stopping the dire and escalating effects of climate change; we hope to catalyze the powerful potential of social media in the hands of young people to begin spreading this message, and getting them involved and invested on a visceral level is the best – perhaps only – way to do this. By making the process of learning and thinking about these issues fun and (literally) rewarding, we hope to ignite an excitement that will continue in their own lives, and spread exponentially to others. In the process, we are cultivating an auxiliary excitement for the creative process, and an appreciation of the power art has to touch people and to change their worldview.

Giving Opportunities

Program Vision Sponsor: $50,000
Boys & Girls Program Sponsor: $10,000
Single Event Sponsor: $5,000
Grand Prize Sponsor: $1,000
Prize Sponsor: $500
Program Supporter: $100+

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