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Daniel Gary Busby

Daniel Gary Busby

Executive Director

Gary has had a varied and extensive career as a conductor, music critic, arts administrator, singer, educator, and music director. He has conducted across the globe and has spent several seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival as one of the principal music directors for that company.

Busby’s students sing, act, conduct, and direct all across America and in Europe and Asia. He brings to My Philanthropies years of personal coaching, and administrative and management experience.

One of Gary’s principal beliefs is “when you’re real, you’re better.” At the helm of My Philanthropies, his goal is to connect people so that each party wins from the exchange.

An authentic exchange experience brings healing and strength to each party, and in that moment of exchange, the best/most authentic part of every person is felt and known in a profound way.

Leslie Blough

Leslie Blough

Creative Director


Leslie comes to My Philanthropies having worked in development, marketing, and event planning at UC Irvine for the past ten years. Prior to that, she worked extensively as a dancer, teacher, and administrator for Orange County’s non-profit Anaheim Ballet. Leslie is passionate about the diversity and transparency that define My Philanthropies; between the programs offered directly by the organization and those offered by our philanthropic partnerships, there is something for everyone’s interest. And if that thing doesn’t yet exist, My Philanthropies can work with you to create your own program!

Leslie believes that the best way to heal the pain and alienation prevalent between individuals and in our world lies in people’s innate desire to connect, to transform lives and further causes that enrich the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of all involved. To this end, she strives to help people realize their visions through connecting philanthropic partners, coordinating events to introduce philanthropic goals to the broader community, and thinking of creative ways to share resources that make them not merely a hand-out, but a hand-up.

Bruce Majeski


(562) 209-2781

Founder’s Corner

One Man’s Practice

“The World According to Bruce”

“Every morning, each day of the month, I read that particular day’s subject and contemplate/meditate/ruminate upon it.”

Day 1: All is well
Day 2: Do no harm, no blame
Day 3: I am one with formlessness
Day 4: A deep sense of inner peace and calm, a quiet and tranquil mind
Day 5: Mindfulness
Day 6: Interconnectedness
Day 7: Non-attachment
Day 8: Impermanence
Day 9: Acceptance of “what is” and “what is not”
Day 10: Desirelessness
Day 11: My essence is spiritual
Day 12: Compassion and loving-kindness
Day 13: Simplicity and harmony
Day 14: Responsibility for my own well-being
Day 15: At ease in the midst of dis-ease

Day 16: Thoughts/feelings/emotions/sense perceptions are all illusional
Day 17: People want to be heard, matter, be understood
Day 18: Everyone is doing the best they can
Day 19: Leave “other” alone, but help when asked
Day 20: Gratitude
Day 21: Loneliness versus solitude
Day 22: Sacredness and reverence
Day 23: “Four Ps” mental attitude
Day 24: Each day a new beginning
Day 25: Anchored in formlessness, I experience the world of form
Day 26: We are all responsible/accountable for the consequences of our actions
Day 27: Of all the self-Xs, only self-discipline is positive
Day 28: Act as the guest that you are
Day 29: It’s not what you think you are
Day 30: The flawedness of humans
Day 31: Refine character and authenticity, express non-conformity

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