Uplift Philanthropies 

Uplift Philanthropies is a foundation whose mission is to “harness the power of good” by uplifting people through the arts and by providing work-scholarships for teens to be able to move ahead with their own education while uplifting others. We make small ripples that end up having large effects, both for individuals, and for the greater good.

Uplift Programs include:

  • work-study scholarship opportunities for (at risk) teens and pre-teens which offer them a hand-up while simultaneously giving back to their community.
  • support for arts organizations to be able to uplift others, especially those who might not usually be able to afford arts experiences
  • transformational life coaching which includes applied neurological practices for those who want to discover and maximize the fulfilment of their life purpose
  • wellness coaching for those with chronic health issues – how to access, adopt and integrate practices and resources which can ease physical distress as well as allow for integration of the emotional and spiritual practices and gifts of the experience
  • arts educational coaching and consulting, as members of Uplift Philanthropies have a lifetime of high quality experience in the arts.
  • spiritual coaching which allows for greater integration of belief, thought, and practices from a variety of the world’s wisdom traditions

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