The Tapestry Project 

The Tapestry Project honors the tradition and importance of oral history, specifically as it pertains to the journey of families and the personal experience of living through one of the most evolutionary periods of history. Through personal interview and transcription, we aim to preserve individual accounts both for their own merit, and in order to assist younger generations in navigating their own life journeys.

This program will be offered in retirement homes and assisted living communities, as well as senior centers, and to those of any age with a terminal illness. If photos are available there will also be an option to “scrapbook” these images, weaving together visual and oral stories to create a “tapestry” of the individual’s experience.

We feel this project will be both cathartic for the storyteller, and immeasurably helpful to younger generations, when they are ready and curious to take the information in. If participants are open to questions from the interviewer, they may include prompts such as, What would you like to tell your teenaged self? Who or what has had the greatest influence on your development as a person? What was your greatest sacrifice?

This project would be especially good for those with no blood relatives, or those estranged from their families. Just because there is no “audience” present in a storyteller’s life doesn’t mean that what they have to share is not important or valuable.

The needs of The Tapestry Project are modest, and mostly entail a willingness to participate in something that could well be life-changing for all involved. We need volunteers to record these oral histories on either audio or video equipment, and then to transcribe and weave them with other visual material as appropriate. We also need supplies such as video cameras, notebooks, and scrapbooking supplies.

If you are interested in participating in The Tapestry Project either as a volunteer or a storyteller, please contact us today!

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