The Philanthropreneur Program 

Philanthropreneurs are active givers who leverage their resources to achieve social change that is both scalable and sustainable, and is of benefit to themselves as well as to others. As a result, their contribution is meant to go beyond providing temporary “band-aid” solutions; instead, philanthropreneurs seek to make systemic change.

The core objective of philanthropreneurship is to increase the philanthropic impact of non-profit organizations. While traditional non-profit organizations depend largely on donations, grants, and other forms of charitable-giving, there is a new generation of entrepreneurs who prefer to invest rather than to merely donate.

Do you have a passion that you wish could be your full-time job? Do you believe your career and your avocation should be one and the same? If so, we are here to help you restructure your life, to the betterment of your own mental, emotional, and financial well-being — as well as that of the people and causes you wish to help.

This requires a simple – but revolutionary – shift in mindset. Instead of working to pay the bills and saving your “free time” to do things that are fun or meaningful, all work that you do can be leveraged in the name of your philanthropic cause.

If you’re interested in becoming a philanthropreneur, or if you would like to make an appointment to speak with one of our mentors, please contact us today!

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