The Elderhood Program 

Frank McCourt Angela’s Ashes was published in 1996, and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. It was McCourt’s first published novel, and he was 66 years old.

Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses, one of the most celebrated names in American folk art, didn’t even pick up a brush until she was 76 years old, and she lived another 25 years as a painter. Her painting The Sugaring Off was sold for $1.2 million in 2006.

Gladys Burrill had been an aircraft pilot, a mountain climber, and a horseback rider, but she became known for completing her first marathon when she was 86 years old. She completed the Honolulu Marathon at the age of 92.

This program recognizes “elderhood” as a stage in life alongside childhood and adulthood. As the baby boomer population ages, it is our mission to guide them through the process consciously, seeing this “third trimester” of life without fear — and to embrace it for the opportunity it is.

We mentor those contemplating the transition into retirement, and encourage those entering it to drop their preconceptions and consider (re)discovering something that sparks their passion. We are excited to offer workshops in maintaining holistic well-being, as well as facing issues of loss and mortality. We are also seeking those who specialize in gerontology or other types of work with this social demographic.

We also have a commitment to intergenerational learning and mentoring, and believe in providing forums in which the more experienced members of our society can pass along their wisdom, as the most important lessons are not defined by emerging technology.

Lastly, we encourage those in “elderhood” to consider cultivating a philanthropy of their own, through which they can give of their time and share resources with a cause that matters to them.

The choice is yours: choose life! The community needs you.

For more information on our Elderhood Program or to get involved, please contact us.

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