Safe Houses 

Our safe houses provide shelter for people and families who find themselves in abusive, unhealthy, or otherwise impossible life situations such as sudden homelessness.

We understand that sometimes it feels there is no way out, but we are here to provide a haven; everyone deserves to feel safe, and has a right to freedom of choice and self-will. Residents will have access to therapy, nutritious food, legal advice, and career counseling; each house is run by a team of resident volunteers and contracted professionals in order to provide these life-improvement services. We have a strict no substance abuse policy.

Our safe houses are not pure charity (giving support with no expectations); instead they are philanthropic, meaning that they exist to create a better future for their occupants. As such, they may begin as a hand-out, but ultimately will be a hand-up. This process entails the following: 1) working with those in distress to help them realize (or remember) their intrinsic human worth and dignity, 2) allowing them to get restarted down a path that will create a better future for themselves, their children, and their communities: 3) tasking them to “pay it forward.”

If you are or know someone in need, please contact us today!

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