Randy Wyner Charities 

Headed by Randy Wyner, founder of the Chronic Tacos franchise, Randy Wyner Charities is passionate about bolstering community infrastructure, improving the health of our oceans and their inhabitants, and providing opportunity for underrepresented youth.

Randy is particularly interested in interactive philanthropy, which entails ongoing conversation with cities, organizations, and individuals in order to ascertain specific areas of need. Transparency and direct impact are critical to him, as is the idea that philanthropy is an active and living entity, ever evolving to adapt to the present moment. Randy does not merely “give people fish” (though sometimes, literally, he does!), but teaches them to fish – he understands that philanthropy is not charity, but is a hand up to sustainable better future.

If you would like to become involved in Randy Wyner Charities, or if you would like to submit a potential project, please contact us!

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