Harmonious Tides

Harmonious Tides provides sober living homes in order to aid women in their individual healing processes. We strive to provide a supportive and nurturing environment that leads to the well-being of each member in our community.

The Harmony Home is a true labor of love, dedicated to providing safe and comfortable sober living for folks who are in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. Our goal with our sober living program is to aid the recovery community in returning to society as active participants. We believe in treating the whole person and giving every one of our residents the tools they need for success. Though the road to recovery has many challenges, we meet them head on and put our members in the best possible position to succeed.

Our goal with The Harmony Home is to prepare our residents to graduate from our home and back into society by instilling a positive framework that guides them towards success. This framework revolves around three core concepts:

1. Stability
2. Trust
3. Accountability

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Everyone Deserves A Chance

Gerald (Greg) Oerlemans founded “Everyone Deserves a Chance” in 2011, in response to his dear friend’s daughter being diagnosed with cancer. The therapy and treatments she had to go through, as well as the bills and costs, were tremendously arduous. At this time, Greg and his friend owned a record label together and decided to create a charity release compilation to raise money for these treatments. Through this process, Greg began wondering how else music could benefit people, which is how he came up with a program that uses electronic music to benefit youth.

Everyone Deserves a Chance is a program designed to give children a future in digitized music, and to inspire their creativity and autonomy in a hands-on environment. This program was created to teach the fundamental skills to become DJs, music producers, and to create electronic music. Not only does this open young learners up to potential career choices and academic scholarships, but it also improves their discipline, self-esteem, motivation, and gives them a sense of music’s potential to touch lives. This program has been particularly effective in creating space for a sense of joy in children with serious illness, and in assisting growth and social development in those with autism.

When families are focusing on obtaining the basic necessities for day to day life, often they don’t have the means to allow their children to open up their creative potential. This program provides young artists a glimpse of what opportunities the world may hold.

Lori Gilbert Philanthropies

The main objective of this nonprofit is creating a platform of success by providing housing, basic needs, and guidance to struggling and talented female artists. The big picture here is to create multiple houses with all the different forms of art being cultivated to help these passionate people make their dreams a reality.

These are some of the amazing goals they would like to achieve:

  • To create a scholarship program for female artists to get off the ground.
  • To house them and feed them.
  • To teach them how to market their art.
  • It is crucial for these female artists to be able to survive in the world today and to have longevity.
  • The ability to have a roof over their heads, pay their bills, and have spending money. To be able to create art without the everyday pressures. This allows the artist to be truly creative with their art.

This non- profit would also like to be able to train terminally ill cancer patients to become artists. It wants to give them the ability to tap their creative side, while they go through a very difficult time. It allows them to focus on the positive and not the negative.

To teach female artists the world of financial services.These would include legal assistance, financial planning, insurance services, life planning, and small business consulting.

These programs are geared to give female artists a chance to express themselves and how to have a future in art, without having fear of everyday life struggles. It allows them to really become who they are creatively as artists.

Strikes for Safehouses

In today’s world, stories about domestic violence and homelessness are still relevant. In California alone, 40% of women will experience physical intimate partner violence within their lifetime, higher than the national average of 25%. California boasts the highest number of homeless people in any state, 134,000 people, which makes up for 24% of the nation’s total. One of Phil’s initiatives this year is to repurpose some of his homes into safehouses for victims of domestic violence and homelessness. Funds will go towards the upkeep of these houses as well as covering the costs for mental health professional services that can assist them in getting them back on their feet.

Please consider participating at our next fundraising event, Strikes for Safehouses! This will be a bowling competition in teams of six, held at Cal Bowl bowling alley in Long Beach, CA. The date and time of the event will be December 16, 2018 from 7pm-9pm. The price per person will be $25 for general admission, and $40 for VIP. The winners of general admission will get a boat ride and the winners of VIP will win free housing for a week at Maui! There will also be prizes for the person with the highest amount of donations, as well as a raffle at the event.

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