La Novia de la Montaña & The Human Dignity Project 

La Novia de la Montaña is a coffee plantation in the rainy mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. In addition to supporting the infrastructure of this working plantation, we are working with the government of Nicaragua to create a nature preserve and sanctuary on the surrounding land. This is to protect the natural habitat of the Quetzal and the howler monkey, as well as all of the indigenous plant life.

Ancillary projects include the following, to enhance the lives of the residents of Jinotega, and expand possibility for future generations:

  • Establishing a trade school for local youth, teaching them creativity, innovation, and applicable skills that will allow them to support themselves and their families.
  • Increasing the availability of supplies for local medical facilities by working with doctors and hospitals in the US to ship surplus supplies and equipment from here to Nicaragua. It is vital that we help with these shortages, as many lives can be saved by simply re-appropriating otherwise wasted supplies.
  • Building a store to provide workers and their families with basic life essentials, improving not only productivity, but more importantly, their quality of life.

In addition to these enhancements to the community, we are also asking for support for our Human Dignity Project, helping residents of Jinotega afford proper burial and memorial services when the time comes. This is currently not affordable for most families. Please contact us to help!

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