Febe’s Kindness Project 

Febe was a very special Deer-Head Chihuahua who brightened the spirits of everyone she met. Febe was a therapy dog without even meaning to be, as everything she did made people smile and improved their days and general wellbeing!

Febe crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2018 after a long and happy life, and she will never be forgotten. However, since she is no longer here to improve people’s days and lives, it is the mission of this project – founded in her name – to continue that work.

We live in a world that is hyper-connected technologically, but increasingly out of touch on a human level. Febe’s Kindness Project seeks to promote random acts of kindness in the world, honoring charitable deeds that would otherwise go unnoticed. Have you paid for someone’s groceries in front of you in line? Co-signed for a loan to help someone who couldn’t qualify? Cooked and delivered food for the homeless? Tell us about it!

One lucky recipient will receive a weekend at one of our vacation properties. If you’d like to let us know how you have contributed to the betterment of the universe, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to learn about it!

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