About Us

We Promote Philanthropy


We are dedicated to promoting within communities by supporting various non-profit organizations. We also provide vacant houses to be utilized for the purpose of facilitating philanthropic programs—each house serves as a venue to facilitate a non-profit program.


Our Mission

Encourage individuals and communities to become involved in philanthropy—while providing recipients, those in need, with resources to overcome their life circumstance.


We assist entrepreneurs with creating, establishing, and succeeding with their own non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations, who need a venue or platform to run their current programs, are also welcome and strongly encouraged to become part of our organization.

Each House

Comprised of a team that determines the use of the house, selection of recipients, and underwriting of the program. As the world continues to evolve so do we, thus creating the need for people and communities to join forces for causes greater than themselves.

Our Hope

Through collaborative philanthropic efforts, the well-being of everyone involved: donor, entrepreneur, and recipient, will be improving simultaneously. Good relationships are in short supply, and our homes provide an atmosphere where good relationships are constantly being cultivated. People want to feel safe and know that someone will listen and understand, and we take pride in knowing that our homes provide such an atmosphere.