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My Philanthropies is a unique network dedicated to linking philanthropreneurs to each other, creating symbiotic relationships between like-minded people who are ready to make a difference in their own lives and in our communities. This is done in three distinct ways: through My Philanthropies’ direct programs, through the homes we provide to house non-profits, and through reciprocal relationships with our philanthropic partners.

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The Kilifi-Kenya USA Project
My Philanthropies is proud to feature one of our flagship international programs this month, the Kilifi-Kenya USA Project, promoting the education and empowerment of children and women in this underserved east African community. There are currently fourteen new at-risk students who need your support in order to secure their education — it takes only $2,100 per year to enable each child to attend the institute, galvanizing their chances for a bright future. Please read more to see how you can help.

Kilifi-Kenya USA Project

It is the goal of the Kilifi-Kenya USA Project to create a brighter tomorrow for an East African community by empowering women and children - in body, mind and spirit - through education, counseling, and support.

Chemehuevi Cultural Preservation Project

Through consultation with Native communities in California, we are looking to identify ways in which we can facilitate the preservation of indigenous language, craft, and oral history. It is critical to our mission that any assistance be non-invasive and in line with the mandates of each individual community.

The Happy Camp Retreat Project

Our renovation of an old ghost town in Siskiyou County, CA, which aims to restore the old town and build an accompanying artists’ colony and retreat center.

La Novia de la Montaña

La Novia de la Montaña is a coffee plantation in Nicaragua. We are working to support a working plantation and to create a nature preserve on the surrounding land.

Youth Climate Initiative

As the youth of the world wakes up to the necessity of consciously caring for our planet, we are dedicated to recognizing and galvanizing their passion and creativity in this mission. We are currently working with the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach on a pilot program that encourages creative thinking about the health of the planet through creativity, fun, and artistic expression.

Fur & Flipper Foundation

It is our pleasure to partner with the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach and the Flying Fur Animal Rescue to help promote and enhance their fantastic work healing our oceans and their inhabitants, promoting animal rescue and rehabilitation, and facilitating a healthier and happier existence for these wonderful creatures who share our planet.

Safe Houses

Our safe houses provide shelter for people and families who find themselves in abusive, unhealthy, or otherwise impossible life situations such as sudden homelessness.

The Elderhood Program

transition into retirement, and encourage those entering it to drop their preconceptions and consider (re)discovering something that sparks their passion.

Affordable Professional Services

We are here to offer tax, legal, and wealth preservation planning services you can trust - at affordable rates!

The Philanthropology Program

Our philanthropology program currently consists of one-on-one coaching, workshops, and seminars, but we hope to expand that to someday include whole collegiate programs in the discipline.

The Philanthrepreneur Program

The core objective of philanthropreneurship is to increase the philanthropic impact of non-profit organizations.

The Tapestry Project

Through personal interview and transcription, we aim to preserve individual accounts both for their own merit, and in order to assist younger generations in navigating their own life journeys.

The Wellbeing Program

Through personal interview and transcription, we aim to preserve individual accounts both for their own merit, and in order to assist younger generations in navigating their own life journeys.

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Uplift Philanthropies

Uplift Philanthropies is a foundation whose mission is to “harness the power of good” by uplifting people through the arts and by providing work-scholarships for teens to be able to move ahead with their own education while uplifting others. We make small ripples that end up having large effects, both for individuals, and for the greater good.

Randy Wyner Charities

Headed by Randy Wyner, founder of the Chronic Tacos franchise, Randy Wyner Charities is passionate about bolstering community infrastructure, improving the health of our oceans and their inhabitants, and providing opportunity for underrepresented youth.

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